Color Logic/Wardrobe Inspired Jewelry

COLOR LOGIC/WARDROBE INSPIRED JEWELRY: Create Designs and Color Palettes to Enhance Your Personal Style

Taught via Zoom by Joan Tayler and Shelley Atwood

Maximum 20 intermediate level students

$200 per student for two days

Create your own distinctive color palette adapting it to make statement jewelry that will complement and accentuate your style. Learn to mix colors to match with fabric, photos and other polymer clays. We’ll explore ways to incorporate these colors into jewelry using shape, textures, embellishments and various techniques. This is a technique oriented class to stoke your creative fire.

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One on One Tutoring/Consulting

Who: Polymer clay artists and hobbyists who want to advance their skills. You should already have a basic understanding of handling clay through your past experience.

What: I demonstrate and explain various techniques and concepts that you choose according to your interests.

Where: Online learning via Zoom in a private session

When: You choose the time. The best times for me are between 9 am and 5 pm Central Time, aka Chicago time. If that is your usual dream time, I’m sure we can work out a time that will accommodate us both.

How: You tell me the kinds of things you want to learn. Perhaps you’ve looked at my Portfolio or my Instagram posts or seen things that I’ve made and want to know how I do it. You send me an email letting me know of your interests. If you like, you can send me photos of particular pieces of my work that interest you. We connect via Zoom where I talk about and demonstrate techniques that I use. You ask as many questions as you’d like within the agreed upon time frame. We can set up a one time session or if you’d rather do it in small bites of time, we can schedule multiple sessions.

Cost: $50/hour. Paypal or Venmo. I can also invoice you through Paypal which can be paid using your favorite credit card.

Contact me via my website for more information.

Carved Wearable Vessels and Hinged, Textured Pendants

Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild – October 7 & 9, 2022

Learn how to make small, hand-carved, wearable vessels with lids and enclosed talismans. The next day, you’ll learn various methods to achieve textures which you’ll apply to pendants with simple hinges.

For more information contact the Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild.

Polymer Art Summit – August 6 & 7, 2022


I’m delighted to be a presenter for this year’s Polymer Art Summit on August 6 and 7. It’s an honor to be among such esteemed artists who will also be making presentations.

I will demonstrate various techniques including:

  • the use of inexpensive tools, household items and found objects to make one of a kind textures and patterns for your own signature pieces
  • how to use various carving tools to carve into layers of contrasting colored clay creating a dimensional veneer
  • how to make and use simple mark making tools to enhance designs
  • how to incorporate textures from natural materials as well as man-made and found objects
  • how to make sensuous, dimensional curved forms, texturing them directly or applying textured veneers.

To register for the Polymer Art Summit, go to Polymer Art Summit Registration.

Hinged, Textured Pendants

What: Learn various methods of achieving textures and applying them to pendants with simple hinges.

Where: Arizona Polymer Clay Guild in Phoenix

When: February 29, 2020

Carved Vessel Pendants

What: Learn how to make small, hand-carved, wearable vessels with lids and enclosed talismans

Where: Arizona Polymer Clay Guild in Phoenix

When: March 1, 2020

Petroglyph Pendants

As part of the inaugural Clay Out West 2018, Shelley taught students how to make petroglyph pendants. In this class, participants learned how to:

  • carve an image into cured polymer clay using a simple v-gouge

  • create shapes using manufactured shape cutters
  • create their own shape templates

  • use paint, liquid polymer and polymer paste to create patinas, embellish and finish their pieces.

  • The event was held at Isleta Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, October 1-4, 2018.
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