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New Offering

I’m often contacted by people wanting to know if I offer classes. I usually respond that I don’t really use any clever tricks to make my work. Rather, the things I make utilize some tried and true techniques that have served me well over the years. Although I’m not opposed to project oriented classes, I’d prefer to show people precisely what they’d like to know about my work. With the help of a recent contact, we were able to figure out a way for me to present some of my techniques in a one-on-one environment. She sent me pictures of my work and told me what she’d like to learn about the various pieces. We then figured out a time to meet online via Zoom so that she could ask questions. Much of our time was spent talking through things, but we also spent time with my camera on my bench top. I was able to demonstrate how I do the things in which she had expressed an interest.

I am now offering this opportunity to all. If you have an interest, please see my Classes page for more information.

ArtWalk Demo

As part of ArtWalk Alpine, Shelley Atwood demonstrated how to make earrings from polymer clay at CatchLight Art Gallery, 117 W Holland Avenue, Alpine, TX.


TCR Festival

Shelley Atwood had a booth at the Texas Country Reporter Festival in Waxahachie, Texas on October 27th, 2018. What a great turn out and great weather we had!


Texas Country Reporter

Recently aired on local Texas stations and RFD-TV: Shelley Atwood on Texas Country Reporter! Shown here are Dan Stricklin, cameraman for Texas Country Reporter, and Shelley Atwood getting ready to shoot another scene.

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